Swedish artist Jay-Jay Johanson, once voted “the most beautiful man in the world,” has just released his 14th album, “FETISH,” and embarked on a new world tour and will be in Amsterdam this autumn.

Once voted ”the most beautiful man in the world”, Swedish artist Jay-Jay Johanson, born in Trollhättan October 11 1968, started composing already as a teenager, but it wasn’t until August 1996 the debut album ”Whiskey” was released. An album recorded at Break My Heart Studio in the Stockholm archipelago. The instant success of the album, characterized by its jazzy vocals over trip hop beats, supported by film noir arrangements, took Jay-Jay out on his first of many world tours. 27 years later, after having underground hits like “So Tell the Girl that I Am Back inTown”, “Believe In Us”, “On the Radio” and “Heard Somebody Whistle”, collaborating with Cocteau Twins and The Knife, Jay-Jay is still as active as ever, and has just released his 14th album “FETISH” and a new tour around the world has begun.


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