Half Moon BK & W/U join forces to curate a night of top class music from NYC, London & Amsterdam Selectors.


Half Moon is a global cultural institution founded in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2018, we have been leaders in reinforcing the new voices of underground music around the world through radio, events, editorial, and educational workshops. Tap in as we lead the charge for the next generation of music creatives, all while staying true to our tagline, “Ears to the concrete.”


W/U MADE US is the essence of what makes the culture groove and sway. It’s a night that pays homage to the OGs who laid the foundation, welcomes the rising legends, and invites international heavy hitters to join the sonic celebration. Just like in a Dojo, where martial artists showcase their skills in various forms and styles, W/U provides a similar space for DJs to play without limitations, allowing them to reveal their versatility and mastery.