The one-off collaborative concert between GENTS and Musikefterskolen i Humble is a celebration of music, youth and friendship, and sees the band go “full circle”, as its members keyboard wiz Theis Vesterløkke and singer Niels Fejrskov Juhl met in 2008 at the Musikefterskole i Humble, a one year boarding school for 15-17 y/o centered on music, creativity and friendship. For this night only, you can experience GENTS’ music backed with the school choir, and follow the band down memory lane to their teenage years, while playing songs from their entire career.

GENTS bio:

Since their debut-EP Embrace the Future (2015) Copenhagen-duo GENTS, fronted by crooner Niels Fejrskov Juhl, has gained fans all over the world. Flanked by soft-synth aficionado Theis Vesterløkke, the two self-proclaimed spa-pop’ers have taken the journey from initial support slots to shows on SPOT Festival, Roskilde Festival and VEGA. Internationally, they have sold out shows in Paris and Berlin and been on countless tours all across Europe and Russia, including festivals such as Iceland Airwaves, By:Larm and Reeperbahn. This has turned GENTS into a seasoned touring act, playing anything from grandiose, choreographed theatre-shows to dubious bars in European commuter towns – always with the characteristic GENTS’y intensity and showmanship.

GENTS have released four albums, About Time (2017), Human Connection (2019),  souvenir (2022) and their one-off ambient album Yambient: Music for the Modern Office with GENTS (2023), all of which to critical acclaim in the national and international music press, including Politiken iByen’s front cover, reviews in The Line of Best Fit as well as plenty of airplay on Danish National Radio P3.

Musikefterskolen i Hubmle bio:

We are from Musikefterskolen i Humble

The concept of an “efterskole” may seem foreign and strange, but it is a pivotal year in most Danish adolescence. It bridges the gap between compulsory schooling, and that of a higher education. It is a sort of manifestation of the teenage conundrum we all experience – the act of finding yourself. It is a year of community and creativity, of enlightenment and achievement, and most notably in our case – music.

At Humble, music is the smith of our friendships. Music isn’t just a skill; it’s a language we all speak fluently, connecting us in ways words alone cannot.

We hope to share this joy, that we are all so very proud of.