After years of working on the stage in such music genres as pop, folk, jazz, bossanova & performing in top musicals such as “Mamma Mia!” of Stage Entertainment, Daria Zu – a Dutch artist with Eastern European roots, releases her first album “The power of a woman”. 


The songs captivate the listener into the fascinating journey of a transformation from blooming girl into a loving mother. They were written during special years:  2020-2023 and telling the story about emigration, freedom, unconditional love and gratitude to the previous generations. 


In 2020, Daria Zu started her collaboration with producer Michel Wijninga & Flexrecords as well as taking part in the TV show on RTL4 “All Together Now”. 


Later on, during the pandemic, there was a productive time to focus on the songwriting and creating variable music videos. So come and enjoy this warm authentic voice with the band and resonate on the same frequency of the open hearts.